Measuring your Events ROI against the Goals and Objectives.

What was the ROI? Did we meet budget? What did your attendees/guests think? How did they like that keynote speaker? How was the venue? The food? Did your attendee value taking time away from their office to attend your event?

Any conference, meeting or special event requires some level of investment on your part. Assessing your ROI doesn’t have to be a grey area left up to subjective opinions for measuring if you got the biggest bang for your buck. You need detailed results reporting that indicates what went right, what went wrong, and if you achieved your goals and objectives to know the true success of your event.

How do we measure your goals and objectives? First the goals and objectives must be defined – the assigned Project Director will discuss the key goals and objectives for your event.


  • Determine trending sessions
  • Identify most visited exhibitor or sponsor
  • Discover the most influential attendee at your event
  • Monetize the value of your exhibit floor plan

Goals & Objectives

  • Define event goals and objective and track their performance
  • Develop customized surveys for attendees
  • Use the Event’s ROI data to modify and improve future events